How do I duplicate a checklist?

To make a copy or duplicate of a checklist, click the “Copy” icon in the right sidebar. This will make an unchecked copy (duplicate) of the checklist, while still keeping the old checklist.

how to copy a checklist

What is Checkli Publishing?

You can share your checklist with the world, grow your business, or grow your personal brand, by making your checklist a free, public checklist template.

Simply change your checklist to “Public on the web” in the right sidebar and:

  1. Anyone can view your checklist template.
  2. Anyone Checkli users can copy and use your checklists template
  3. Anyone can download a PDF copy of your checklist template

Note: Add your company branding and contact information to your checklists and public profile, to get free traffic, leads , and sales.

Click here to create a free publishing account.


How do I add a link?

Type the URL and click the spacebar or hit enter.
The hyperlink should be active for your visitors to click on.

Note: You can add links to tasks or descriptions.

How do I add tasks?

Click and start typing, just like you would do on a Word Document.

To delete a task click on the task, and hit backspace or delete on your keyboard until the task and checkbox is gone.

To edit a task:
Click on the task, and start typing, or delete characters.


How do I personalize checklists?

Logged in members can adjust personalize and branding settings from three different areas.

Individual Checklists:
On any individual checklist, you can use the personalize settings in the right sidebar, to personalize that particular checklist.

Default Personalize Settings
From this page, you can set default personalize settings for each new checklist. Once set, each new checklist you crate will start with these settings.

Here you can control what is shown on your public profile, including things like your web address, Twitter handle, description, and much more.

How do I delete a checklist?

There are two ways to delete a checklist:

  1. From your “all checklists” folder (or any folder), click the trash can icon on any checklist.
  2. From the checklist itself, click “delete this checklist” in the bottom right sidebar.