Publishing Terms

Thank you for submitting content to Checkli! We love seeing published checklists and processes on Checkli. 

However, we want to keep our site full of useful checklists that members will find helpful with their business, brand, personal life, etc. Create an informative or helpful checklist that your own customer can use. So please don't use our site as link bait. 

Before publishing, make sure you are following these five rules. 

First, I agree to only publish valuable checklists with actionable tasks.
Second, I will only naturally add links.
Third, I will add a source URL unless the checklist is original.
Fourth I agree not to post violent, hateful, or racist content.

Fifth, I will not publish checklists that are already published on Checkli.

*Checkli has the right to unpublish checklists that do not follow these five simple rules.

Remember, when you publish a checklist, it will be live on our database for anyone to view. If you are creating a personal checklist or want to share a checklist with a few people or your team, share the checkable link, you don't need to publish.