Are my checklists private or public?

In your dashboard, you can make a published or private checklist.

  • Published checklists are public and can be found in Google Search or Checkli’s search.
  • Private checklists can only be seen by you and collaborators.


Can I invite collaborators?


However, Checkli is not a project management tool.

To invite collaborators, log in, open any checklist, and click “Share” in the right sidebar. You can then send a private and editable checklist to anyone. Recipients can complete tasks, add tasks or make edits to the checklist.

Can I copy of my checklist?


There is a copy button in the right sidebar of checklists, for logged in members.

To copy a checklist template, simply click “Save” or “Save this template”.

What are Public Templates?

Public templates are a great way to grow your brand, drive traffic to your site, and gain followers. A public templates is a checklist template that anyone on the web can save and use.


  • Places to go in italy
  • Sales meet agendas
  • Recipes
  • Vegan grocery lists
  • Books to read

How do I uncheck all items?

To uncheck all items at once, and reuse a checklist, Click the “Copy” icon in the upper right corner. Once clicked, an unchecked, duplicate copy of your checklist will appear.

How do I move tasks?

To rearrange or reorder tasks:

  1. Hover over the task
  2. Roll your mouse over the 3 lines on the left of the task
  3. Click, hold and drag up or down

That’s it 🙂