Are my checklists private?

Yes. Here’s how it works: Checkli is protected by SSL, you can see this in the URL https://www.checkli.com Member checklists (logged in) are 100% private, unless you make them public, or share the checklist Free checklists (non-logged in) are private; unless you share the editable or read-only URL.

A Quick Overview

Our mission is to make Checkli the simplest and fastest way to make, share, and find checklists online. If you have any suggestions, we are all ears. Make a suggestion. How to add tasks: How to collaborate: How to set email reminders: How to assign a task: How to move tasks up or down: How […]

How do I delete tasks?

To delete a task: Click the task, and hit backspace or delete on your keyboard until the task and checkbox is gone.